copy EE-601 (Standard TPI)

Tap Position Indicators : EE-601

Emco Electronics’ Tap Position Indicator Type EE-601 is used to indicate the tap positionof the Power Transformer. Resistors are connected between each tap on thetap-changer. The connections from the minimum, maximum and wiper positions coming from the tap-changer are connected to the respective Min, Max andCom terminals marked on the Rear Panel of the TPI.

AC Power (110V AC or 230V AC) is also connected to the terminals marked on the Rear Panel.

When the unit is powered on, the display indicates the current position of the Tap-changer. As the tap is increased, the display increases and decreases as the tap is decreased. Check the TPI by changing the tap from position 1 (min) to the max. position and confirm that it reads correctly.

When the wiper is open, the display indicates zero.


  • Automatic detection of Number of Taps
  • Micro controller based architecture
  • 1K Step Resistance or user defined
  • 4-20 mA DC Current Output for SCADA connectivity
  • Automatic self adjustment of 4-20 mA Current
  • Test mode facility for testing displays
  • Bright and clear 7 segment displays for long distance viewing
  • Various options available


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