EE-601W (Standard TPI With Din-rail Mounting)

Tap Position Indicators : EE-601W

Emco Electronics’ Tap Position Indicator type EE 601-W is used to indicate the Tap Position of the Power Transformer. Resistors are connected between each Tap on the Tap-Changer. The connections from the Minimum, Maximum and Wiper positions coming from the Tap-Changer are connected to the respective Min, Max and Wip terminals marked on the Terminal Block. 95 – 260 V AC/DC is also connected to the terminals marked on the Terminal Block. When the unit is powered on, the display indicates the current position of the Tap-Changer. As the Tap is increased, the display increases and as the Tap is decreased, the display decreases


  • Microcontroller based architecture
  • Automatic detection of Max Tap No.
  • 1KΩ Step Resistance (or as specified)
  • Dual 4-20mA Output available
  • Automatic adjustment of 4-20mA with no. of Taps
  • Potentiometer adjustment to compensate the lead resistance
  • 35mm Din-Rail mounting
  • Bright and clear 7 segment displays for long distance viewing
  • 95-260 V AC/DC Power Input
  • 4-20 mA Input available (Optional)


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