EE-604 (TPI with Tap Change Counter)

Tap Position Indicators : EE-604

TPI With Tap Change Counter Tap Position Indicator with Counter or Voltage Display Emco Electronics’ Tap Position Indicators are used to display the Tap position of On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC). TPI type EE-604 comes with Tap Change Counter which counts the umber of Tap Changes occurred. This count is preset table. TPI type EE-605 comes with Primary side KV Voltage display. Note that this is not the actual Primary Voltage measured but is fed into the TPI for each Tap and is displayed with respective Tap.

Three wires coming form the OLTC are connected to Max, Min and Wiper respectively on the TPI. The display is updated as the Tap changes along with Counter or Voltage.


  • Max. No. of tap positions: 35
  • Step resistance / tap : 1KW + 1% Or As Specified.
  • Display : 7 segment LED
  • Power Consumption: 110V / 230V AC + 10%, 5VA
  • Panel Cutout Dimensions : 90 X 90 mm
  • Depth : 110 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 45° C
  • Weight : 0.5 Kg. approx.
  • Tap Change Counter : 6 digit presettable with SET & INC keys on front panel.
  • DOC.No. : MK43 – 702 / Iss.1.


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