EE-606 (TPI with Dual Polarity)

Tap Position Indicators : EE-606

Emco Electronics’ Tap Position Indicator Type EE-606 is used to indicate the tap position of the Power Transformer. Two digit displays indicates 16 lower (-) Tap numbers for actual Tap positions from 1 to 16 and 16 upper (+) Tap numbers for actual Tap positions from 18 to 33. For actual Tap position 17, display indicates “nn”. Resistors are connected between each tap on the tap-changer. The connections from the minimum, maximum and wiper positions coming from the tap-changer are connected to the respective Min, Max and Com terminals marked on the Rear Panel of the TPI.


  • Dual polarity (i.e. +ve or -ve) indication of Taps w.r.t. centre Tap
  • Micro controller based circuit
  • Max. 33 Taps with 16 Taps on each side
  • +ve and -ve LED’s for Tap polarity indication
  • Bright and clear 7-segment displays for long distance viewing


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