EE-803 ( Temperature Scanner and Controller)

Temperature Scanner and Controller: EE-803

EMCO’s Transformer Temperature Scanner and Controller Type EE-803 is used for monitoring and controlling the Temperature of Transformers. It has 4/8 No. of Input Channels that are isolated from each other and can be used with different types of sensors like RTD PT-100 and Thermocouples of K,J,R & S types. There are 4 Control Relays with individual Set points. All the parameters are adjustable through front keys. Modbus protocol is available for communication. Dual 4-20mA Outputs are available for retransmission. Scan / Hold mode of operation is provided for easy monitoring of particular channel.


  • 4/8 channel, Microcontroller based Temperature indicator and controller
  • Universal type Input Channels.
  • Input Sensor selection, Range selection
  • Ch. Skip/Hold with Auto/Man scanning
  • Adjustable Scan Time
  • Sensor I/P and 4-20mA O/P Calibration
  • Scan / Hold mode of display
  • RS-485 Modbus Protocol
  • 4 Relay outputs with channel
  • Dual 4-20mA Outputs
  • Programmable parameters through keys


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