EE-402 ( Voltage Controller Control Unit)

Voltage Controller Control Unit: EE-402

The Voltage Controller Control Unit (VCCU) senses the output voltage of the Voltage Stabilizer (230 V AC) and controls it within the set limits. There are two independent “Raise” / “Lower” Voltage settings. When the output voltage goes outside the set limits the output “Raise” / “Lower” Pulse is given after the set delay is over. LED indication is provided to indicate the control action and a pair of NO contacts for Raise/Lower closes depending on whether the voltage has to be Raised or Lowered. Provision for setting Undervoltage (UV) and Overvoltage (OV) limits is also available. A pair of C/O contacts is provided for UV & OV A hysteresis of approximately 1V is provided for Raise & Lower & 5V for UV & OV.


  • Independent Raise/Lower settings.
  • Variable Time Delay settings.
  • Projection / Wall Mounting.
  • Independent Undervoltage & Overvoltage settings for cut off.
  • LED Indication for Raise, Lower, UV, OV & Time Delay Operations.


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